Drinks in Santa Cruz?

Anyone in Santa Cruz want to go tidepooling and/or drink beers this Friday? There's an excellent sunset tide, and I keep meaning to try and meet up with iNat folks in Santa Cruz. The low tide is around 4:45pm and sunset is a bit after 5pm, so maybe tentatively meet at Scott Creek parking lot around 3, maybe shoot for beers somewhere in Santa Cruz around 6-8? Not sure where would be good for the latter. Is Whale City in Davenport cool? If not, how about Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing?Let's do Humble Sea instead (by popular demand)

Let's see, Santa Cruz folks include... @leptonia, @nmcnear, @andym, @jmaughn, @lemurdillo, @ldjaffe, @allisonjgong, @vivienneo, @byersconspiracy, @asjones. Maybe @biosam (not sure if you're still in the area)? @sea-kangaroo, any interest?

Also, if anyone knows, does the creek require fording at the moment?

Posted on 08 January, 2020 22:12 by kueda kueda


Humble Sea is, in my ...er... humble... opinion far superior to SCMB (and basically in the same location). Whale City is nicer for breakfast snacks/sitdown food.
I'll try and meet y'all at Scott Creek parking lot around 3:30 or so. If I don't make it then, I'll come find ye out on the rocks.

Posted by leptonia over 4 years ago

Argh I'm hosting a meeting of the fruit nerd cognoscenti Fri eve... Will maybe try to meet yall at the pools for an hour or so if I'm not too deep in work, that all sounds great.

Posted by andym over 4 years ago

I will drop anything if I can shake @jmaughn 's hand after all these years

Posted by andym over 4 years ago

Augghh, I'm in Florida. Otherwise I'd be there. Andy, we can meet anytime. Just let me know where!


Posted by jmaughn over 4 years ago

I appreciate the invite! I would if I could but I'm currently living in the Ashland, Oregon area.

Posted by biosam over 4 years ago

Sorry some of you folks can't make it / moved away / are wasting your time in Florida where there probably isn't a single living thing to look at, let alone take a picture of. The rest of you: beers shall be at Humble Sea by popular demand.

Posted by kueda over 4 years ago

Some of the wildest things I've seen are in the breakfast bar this morning, but no way I'm going to try photographing them.

Posted by jmaughn over 4 years ago

The creek didn't require fording when I drove by Monday evening. A few years ago it rerouted itself and runs parallel to the highway to the south side of the beach. Forms a big lagoon that could be a pain to get around but I think it's okay right now. I might be able to meet you all at Scott but beer is more likely

Posted by lemurdillo over 4 years ago

Hmm, maybe! I was thinking of dashing up to the Landing tomorrow afternoon. Could almost as easily go up to Scott Creek. Wanna come with, @lemurdillo?

Posted by allisonjgong over 4 years ago

Hey @kueda (and everyone)... drove by Scott Creek on the way home today. Shouldn't need to wade across the creek at all, but you do have to walk around the lagoon by going all the way to the base of the dunes on the south end of the beach. I wanted to stop to take a photo but the parking area was absolutely packed for some reason.

@allisonjgong maybe we'll work out something that prevents you from driving cross town and back!

Posted by lemurdillo over 4 years ago

Looking forward to the adventure.

Posted by kueda over 4 years ago

Maybe some day! I'm still hoping for teleporters before I die... or maybe flue powder... ;-D

Posted by markegger over 4 years ago

Ugh. I really really want to go. But I have a Very Important Thing to work on and it has me behind on class prep. The responsible part of my brain has decided that the Very Important Thing takes precedence over fun in the intertidal. I know, adulting is hard. I hate it sometimes.

Posted by allisonjgong over 4 years ago

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