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05 November, 2022

Month in Białowieża

81 species of mosses
28 species of liverworts (6 new for me)

Great time, very warm and sunny weather. Visiting different habitats with @marcinklisz and @kpilch, both in nature reserves (national park) and in other forests. Bisons, wolves, moose, deers observed (some without photos, so no iNat observations).
Still a lot of soldiers and police in the area, due to unsolved problems at the border. A lot of trash in the forest, even in very wild places. Sometimes very wet - and heartbreaking imagination about poor people spending nights there...
But Białowieża is opened again for tourists.

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17 November, 2022

Bryophytes of "Żebra żubra" educational path in Białowieża

The path, built by forest management of gravel and wood, is 2,7 km long. It crosses different habitats - deciduous forest (oaks, hornbeams, maple trees, ashes), alder forest, riparian forest (at small stream), spruce forest - most of the places are wet or very wet. There's a lot of dead, rotten wood - logs, stumps, tree plates, branches etc. Good place for mosses and liverworts, from spectacular neckeras on old oaks to small epixylic liverworts. I'm sure I missed some species, so if you visit the place - keep your eyes open. ;)

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