Identifying Triodanis - Venus's Looking Glass Flowers

I've put together a fairly basic ID chart for ID'ing Triodanis flowers to species. This is a living document, so it may have changes made without notice. I suggest bookmarking the following link instead of downloading the document:

For questions/comments about the document, please PM me directly. For questions about ID'ing a particular observation, please tag me in the observation using @kimberlietx

Posted by kimberlietx kimberlietx, April 19, 2022 16:05


Fantastic! But because of the drought, I've yet to see a Triodanis this year :(

Posted by pfau_tarleton 2 months ago (Flag)

I am seeing the stems, just no flowers yet. Coming soon, but a good rainstorm or two would certainly help!

Posted by kimberlietx 2 months ago (Flag)

Thanks for sharing!

Posted by connlindajo 2 months ago (Flag)

Much appreciated, Kimberlie! I am seeing/documenting some specimens already but haven't uploaded them to iNat yet.

Posted by kathrynwells333 2 months ago (Flag)

This is GREAT! You are WONDERFUL!

Posted by suz 2 months ago (Flag)

Terrific, Kimberlie! Thanks for putting it together. I'll add the link to my list! I've seen some stems and leaves, but not a single one flowering yet.

Posted by lisa281 2 months ago (Flag)

By the way, Triodanis biflora is showing up down here in south Texas.

Posted by suz 2 months ago (Flag)

Nice! Thank you!

Posted by baxter-slye 2 months ago (Flag)

Thanks for your efforts putting this together. Very useful.

Posted by jsuplick 2 months ago (Flag)

This is wonderful. Thank you Kimberlie!! @kimberlietx

Posted by tsimmonds 2 months ago (Flag)

Great chart, thanks! The only blooming Triodanis that I have right now is in my butterfly garden.

Posted by itmndeborah 2 months ago (Flag)

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