13 March, 2022

Why grow even just one local native California plant in your garden?

Could you please help our neighborhood ecosystem?

Did you know?
Local native plants are habitat for California’s wildlife which has evolved with our native plant species. Which means our bees, butterflies and birds need native plants to survive!

California native plants require significantly less water, no fertilizer and no pesticides, less pruning and less of your time.

Growing just one native California plant in your garden can help provide an important “bridge” to nearby open spaces thus supporting our local ecology.

Wildlife viewing:
Watch hummingbirds and song birds in your garden. Watch fuzzy bumble bees and ladybugs return. California’s wealth of insect pollinators can improve fruit set in your garden too. Attracting a variety of native insects and birds will also help keep your garden free of mosquitos and plant-eating critters. What do you think those birds are scratching for under leaf litter in your garden? They are eating bugs. Check out my iNat observations below. All of these species and many more have visited my Danville urban garden.

You want lizards in your garden as they eat ticks and stop Lyme Disease https://daily.jstor.org/theres-something-about-lizard-blood/

Neighborhoods that grow more natives have increased neighborhood connectivity and a keen sense of place.

Watch this space and my picket fence signs for a planned neighborhood “Open Garden” in April. Come visit my garden and ask questions.

I encourage my neighbors to try to grow even just one local native California native plant in their garden.

View all my photo observations of species that have visited this urban garden. (Select "observations" in the side bar.) This is a capstone project for California Naturalist Certification - your participation is appreciated.

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