November 28, 2022

Nature Walk 4 - Animals

My nature walk was split between both my home town in Nevada and the Chestnut Hill/Newton area following the break period. The weather in both areas was cool and brisk but was not unmanageable. I thought it was very interesting seeing how much different and similar the species on either side of the country were and this very much relates to the idea of how, even in just one country, there is so much diversity in nature and how these species have found their niche in these differing environments.

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October 20, 2022

Nature Walk 3 (Plants)

I went around the reservoir for my walk today. The weather was brisk and cool but the sun was warm today which made for it to be a pretty nice day out. It was extremely nice to get out and just be able to appreciate the beauty around the area. I observed various types of plants when I went along the walk path and saw the sheer diversity of the life in this area for it all being condensed together. I saw both gymnosperms and angiosperms, as well as Bryophyta in the form of moss. It is amazing to me still how all of these organisms fall under a general classification and yet are still so diverse. I look forward to being able to go home and compare the biodiversity there to that of here.

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October 06, 2022

Nature Walk 2 (Fungi)-Gabriel Valadez

I went to the Houghton garden once more because I was so captivated by the sheer beauty of the location and the nature around me. I had to wear a windbreaker today because it was drizzling out and it was a bit chilly, but beyond that it was beautiful out and not very cold. In terms of what I saw there was many different kinds of fungi that all had distinctly different characteristics. It calls to mind biodiversity and how this kind of observation just cannot have a price on it because nature is something that should not be quantitative.

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October 02, 2022

Nature Walk 1-Gabriel Valadez

I went and walked around the Houghton Garden area for approximately 45 minutes. I would say that earlier the weather was only mildly cold and only mildly windy and was perfectly acceptable to go for an outdoors stroll. When I was there I was taken aback by how green the area itself was and how many different types of plant life that were present. I was impressed and in awe with the many different types of fungi growing throughout the entirety of the garden and how diverse they were for being in such a small area. It truly is impressive that in such a confined area you can see living examples of species richness in terms of the plant life and the fungi as well. From my observation, I noticed that the Aborted Entoloma was the predominant fungus species in the area because of how reoccurring it was throughout the entirety of my walk. So if I was speaking purely in terms of the fungi this area would have fungi species richness but it would certainly lack species evenness.

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