June 11, 2021

Nature Walk One

Today, my mom and I walked the trail at Cutler park in Needham, Massachusetts. Though I had been there multiple times before, I had never looked closely at the insane variety of species and life that covered the trees, mud and water. The weather was quite cool and somewhat breezy, which made it easy to look at and take pictures at the different species. Most of the trees were covered with different moss and what I believe to be different types of fungi. It was very interesting to see the insects and plants surrounding these different types of fungi and lichen. Near the water, I was able to observe the different species that were growing in the mud, or on different rocks or tree roots adjacent to the water. The loop was a little bit over a mile, and my mom and I were shocked at the different things we found! One of my favorite observations was a type of fungi growing on the side of a tree with what looked like sap dripping down it! it was cool to see the mushrooms and different types of fungi we have discussed in lectures and on perusall in real life!

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