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15 February, 2022

Penstemon similar species, part 8: pink and purple flowers of Mexico

Starting list, under construction

Penstemon amphorellae
Penstemon bolanius
Penstemon campanulatus
Penstemon dasyphyllus
---Penstemon filisepalis?
Penstemon gentianoides
Penstemon hidalgensis
Penstemon leonensis
Penstemon minutifolius
Penstemon occiduus
Penstemon perfoliatus
Penstemon potosinus
Penstemon saltarius
Penstemon stenophyllus
Penstemon tenuifolius
Penstemon tepicensis
Penstemon wendtiorum: rose to lavender, collected only once in northern Nuevo Leon

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17 February, 2022

Why Rabbitbrush?

First, thanks to Joshua for starting this project. I hope we will get lots of participation this year.

I think this is a great plant to appreciate for many reasons. Widespread, prolific bloomer, and smells nice (opinions vary).

Some animal highlights are ...

Diptera: On, 24 species are listed for Ericameria and 7 for Chrysothamnus. Almost any Syrphid fly will visit for nectar.

Lepidoptera: Chamisa is one of the best places to hunt for Noctuidae on summer and fall evenings. The specialist moth, Schinia unimacula, is found all over the western US (

Hymenoptera: I have seen a variety of wasps hunting and nectaring, especially Braconids like Lytopylus. Bees adore it, including 93 pollen specialist species ( and potentially hundreds of generalists and other Asteraceae specialists.

Coleoptera: Beetles love flowers too, especially Checkered Melon beetles and Soldier beetles.

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