Penstemon online resources [county distribution maps] [American Penstemon Society] [keys and 239 species accounts] [Dr. Andi Wolfe's biology lab] [Lodewick key, 272 Penstemon and 15 other Cheloneae] [SW Biodiversity Portal] [Checklist of Flora, Zion National Park] [Flora of Zion National Park] [pictures of 38 species] [Accounts of 22 species] [Flora del Fanerogámica del Valle de México (six species)] [4 red-flowering species in Northern Mexico] [9 species in the transverse volcanic belt of Mexico] [California] [Oregon]

Please add more in the comments!

Posted by egordon88 egordon88, 01 September, 2021 14:43


What a great list of resources!

Posted by bmasinton 7 months ago (Flag)

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