Spring will be here before we know it!

It's February already, and will be spring before we know it! I'll be glad to see it, even though we haven't had much of a winter here. This has been a low snowfall year for my area, although our coldest, and snowiest months are generally february and march, so we could still see a good snowstorm yet to come!
I finally finished moving my lepidoptera sightings over to BAMONA, so I can finally get back to sifting through old sightings, and get them uploaded here. Working on 2013, and almost ready to hit 2012.
Time goes by so fast though! Looking back and thinking, daggone... has it really been 10 years+ on some of these pictures?
On another note, I visited the eastern shore back in December. Went down to Savage Neck Dunes one day. I've never seen it so busy there! It was a little disappointing as a wildlife photographer, when you can hear people shrieking and carrying on, when you're there to be quiet.
Once I made it down to the beach, I found some sea grasses that were all rolled up, and dragged them out to look through them. Found some really cool little shrimps, and a bunch of clams and things clinging to them. Dang was that water cold to wade in though! I think I must still have some photos to upload from that day as well. Never-ending work right? hahaha.
I hope everyone had a good new year, and is staying warm if its winter for you, like it is for me!

Posted on 10 February, 2020 10:28 by dreadhorn dreadhorn


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Caridean Shrimps (Infraorder Caridea)




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