A windy critter on a windy day

So I have been trying to find a windscorpion(camelspider, sunscorpion, etc.) For about 5 months now. One of the main reasons was because on April 23, I had an arachnid exhibit for the park I volunteer at. They were doing a huge bug festival(BugFest), and I was lucky enough to score a table. Well I had a scorpion, vinegaroon, harvestman, mite, spiders, but no windscorpion.

Anyway, so the next day my dad and I were working on a fountain in my courtyard. Well there was one area that needed to have small rocks in it so water can drain easily without damaging anything. So I had the lucky job of collecting and lugging buckets of rocks from the levee behind my house to my front yard.

So on my second to last trip I went to collect rocks. Well on my second grab I saw this thing that jumped out in a recognizable defensive position. I instantly knew I had found one. A little bit of me was angry because I could've used thus guy about a day earlier. Then I started laughing seeing how silly and what a coincidence this encounter was. Then I got excited and caught it.

Anyone ready this might be thinkin why the heck is this guy posting this. Well. . . I just thought it would be a cool and funny little story to share with everyone and just felt like talking about a personal encounter with a rare animal in my area. Thamy you all for stopping by and reading. I appreciate it! :-)

Posted by dominic dominic, April 26, 2016 03:07


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April 24, 2016


Will do some more research and see if I can ID it to species later. I found this guy while getting rocks from behind my house for a house project. Aggressive little guy.


Congratulations, Dominic! Thanks for sharing this story.

Posted by truthseqr about 6 years ago (Flag)

Thank you!

Posted by dominic about 6 years ago (Flag)

That sounds really frustrating :P Cool find, though. After reading about this I had a dream about scorpions and windscorpions and that creepy vinegaroon(which I had just googled cause I had no idea what it was) :[

Posted by izaj about 6 years ago (Flag)

I can count on one hand the number of these that I have found! They all were found by chance....I could not predict where to find one, or even what time of year to look for them. The most recent one I found scurrying across the floor in my house. Since I have a cat and a dog, I hurriedly caught the creature and released it safely outside. Thanks for sharing your wind scorpion encounter!!!

Posted by birdgal5 over 5 years ago (Flag)

Wow! Cool story Dominic! Thanks for sharing 😃

Posted by truthseqr over 5 years ago (Flag)

Thank you @birdgal5, @truthseqr, @isaj. On Halloween I found one crossing my front porch so I'm excited to know these guys are on my property!

Posted by dominic over 5 years ago (Flag)

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