Dragonflies Bite!

I don't know if this was already discovered or everyobe else knew, but this is just a personal discovery for me. . . Dragonglies bite! I was in the field behind my house when I passed by a huge dragonfly, probably female green darner, that looked dead. Well when I picked it up it curled into my finger and bit me. It didn't hurt, mainly because I let go and flicked it off so it wouldn't hurt, but it was just really weird. So next time tou see what you think is a dead dragonfly make sure it really is dead. Or else you'll also find out what it feels like to be bit by a dragonfly.

Posted by dominic dominic, September 27, 2015 19:44


Oh yes -- I've been bitten by a few dragonflies before as I got them out of the net. Those mandibles must be quite sharp! :)

Posted by sambiology over 6 years ago (Flag)

Oh they were :)

Posted by dominic over 6 years ago (Flag)

Ouch! I would have been surprised too... About as surprised as I was when I once saw a dragonfly FLYING without an abdomen. Just a head, thorax, and wings. It looked so strange! (alas, this was in the pre-iNat days and I don't have a photo)

Posted by carrieseltzer over 6 years ago (Flag)

Wow! That's shocking. Did you ever find out how it was able to do that?

Posted by dominic over 6 years ago (Flag)

I'm not sure! We figured a bird must have gotten the abdomen and the wings still somehow had enough power to fly a bit. I wonder how long it survived.

Posted by carrieseltzer over 6 years ago (Flag)

All animals with mouths can bite.....for two reasons, to eat and to defend themselves........just think if a huge giant picked you up?

Posted by mmarchiano about 5 years ago (Flag)

Good point. :-)

Posted by dominic about 5 years ago (Flag)

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