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18 September, 2016

Manicured spaces

I agree with a comment in description of a public park made in a recent observation:
And ... after a less than perfect week, am compelled to add that I believe our over-manicured landscapes in my area contribute to the demise of the earth as we know it.,. including:

  • Commercial sub=divided "homesteads" as advertised on TV, (i.e. "Buy/own your private heaven of 5-10 acres and destroy all its natural beauty with a brand new John Deere or Kubota w/ front-end loader or perhaps a Gator or 4-wheeler to cut ruts in the sand instead of strolling on foot to observe nature.
  • Ranches of corporations and retirees compelled to include in their manicured lawns and pastures the adjacent roadside ROW'S. Nice and neat views as I drive past, but so sterile and BORING, especially when wildflowers bloom in more natural areas.
  • Use and over-use of herbicides to maintain these pristine areas.
    While I doubt anyone will read or comment on my rantings tonight, I feel better after unloading.
    Tomorrow is another day. Onward and forward.

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