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I agree with a comment in description of a public park made in a recent observation:
And ... after a less than perfect week, am compelled to add that I believe our over-manicured landscapes in my area contribute to the demise of the earth as we know it.,. including:

  • Commercial sub=divided "homesteads" as advertised on TV, (i.e. "Buy/own your private heaven of 5-10 acres and destroy all its natural beauty with a brand new John Deere or Kubota w/ front-end loader or perhaps a Gator or 4-wheeler to cut ruts in the sand instead of strolling on foot to observe nature.
  • Ranches of corporations and retirees compelled to include in their manicured lawns and pastures the adjacent roadside ROW'S. Nice and neat views as I drive past, but so sterile and BORING, especially when wildflowers bloom in more natural areas.
  • Use and over-use of herbicides to maintain these pristine areas.
    While I doubt anyone will read or comment on my rantings tonight, I feel better after unloading.
    Tomorrow is another day. Onward and forward.

Posted on 18 September, 2016 05:36 by connlindajo connlindajo


When I lived in Colorado the USDA offered tax breaks if you enrolled your land into CRP (Crop Rotation Program). Basically the rules were no grazing, mowing or spraying etc. Just leave the land alone, let it be fallow. You could ride horses but no motorized vehicles. I think Texas and other states offer tax breaks to "use" the land when maybe not using the land would be smarter. I know there are options BUT it is widely known the easiest way to receive tax breaks is with a herd of cows...
The CRP program helped many species but I saw a rise in burrowing owls.
Texas would benefit from this program and if they have it already making it easier to obtain and more widely accepted.

Posted by h_eileen almost 8 years ago

I just discovered iNaturalist this month and have also become an addict. There is a former golf course near my home that I have been exploring, taking photos and logging in all that I find. I would so love if the city of Fort Worth would leave the area alone but they have sold the property to investors who are already planning multiple apartment, townhomes, and more to be built. We are all crammed so closely together already without enough green space to explore and mitigate the footprints of so many people . Since the golf course was closed it has been reclaimed by nature and is a home for many birds, mammals, amphibians etc. Complete with wetlands, ponds, bubbling brooks, airid lands, prairies, hills, valleys, and a refuse for so many.

Posted by jfkfoxy about 4 years ago

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