20 April, 2023

What can we do better this year?

Last year, we got 822 species. Let’s try for 1000 this year! We can also use more representation from our “outlying” counties.

Despite everyone’s best efforts, we’re sure to miss some species. Can you believe that no one bothered to get a picture of a rock pigeon last year? There are probably 200+ species of bird in the area during the challenge. We recorded 92. Species that we should have documented include:

 rock dove
 chimney swift (remember, you can use sound recordings)
 American coot
 cormorant (either one!)
 eastern screech-owl
 great horned owl
 belted kingfisher
 pileated woodpecker
 purple martin
 eastern meadowlark

Among the insects, we missed a number of orders. We got no silverfish. I can usually find one with no problem at my house, but where are they when you need them?! We didn’t get an earwig, a stick insect, or a lacewing. Someone with a pet could contribute our first flea. We did pretty well with butterflies, but we didn’t get a queen! We did pretty well with mammals, too, but we didn’t get a striped skunk. Road kills count! We only had 5 species of fish and 4 species of mollusk. We should be able to do better than that.

Again, I don’t know enough about botany to know what we’re missing or where we could do better. If anyone has suggestions, please put them in the comments.

The moral of the story is, Whether you think it’s been observed for the CNC or not, if you have chance to “shoot” it, do it!

Bruce Neville
Brazos County CNC Coordinator

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