My Goals as a Biologists

I'm not quite a wildlife biologists, just a college freshman, but that doesn't mean I have goals. Here's a list of goals I want to acquire as a biologist.

  1. Confirm through vocalizations and plumage markers that the Song Sparrow subspecies merrilli range extends much further south than originally believed and the intergrade zone with montana is much larger than previously suspected.
  2. Redefine the plumage features of Song Sparrow subspecies montana and show how they are visually more similar to the nominate than coastal subspecies.
  3. Confirm through nuclei and mitochondria DNA testing that the Barbary Dove is a domesticated hybrid between the African and Eurasian Collared-Dove.
  4. Find and study nesting sites of Red-tailed Hawks in western Canada to confirm the validity of the subspecies abieticola and establish the percentage of intergradation with Harlan's Hawk.
  5. Do studies on vocalizations of Pacific Pseudacris and see if there's any evidence beyond mtDNA testing that the Pacific Tree Frog complex is indeed three separate species.
  6. Study breeding populations of Mexican and Central American Red-tailed Hawks to provide more accurate data on the distribution of subspecific population and show what features to use for identification.
  7. Provide a detailed guide on the distribution and identification of Orthoptera (Grasshoppers, Crickets or Katydids) in the Pacific Northwest through citizen science projects.
  8. Create a roadkill survey citizen science project to see what measures we can take to minimize deaths on the roads.
  9. Use GPS tracking to find wintering ranges of South American avian species, previously unknown such as the Antillean Nighthawk or Mexican martins.
  10. Explore the variation extend of the Bewick's and Whistling Swan and use yellow loral percentages to determine what can be called an intergrade.
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Posted by muir about 4 years ago

Wow! Those are some really great research topics! As you dive into these and do some of the literature review, you'll find soooo many more things that are yet to be discovered. It's wonderful -- when we learn one thing, we find 10 other things we don't yet know. :)

Posted by sambiology about 4 years ago

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