November 12, 2022


I went for a walk for around 45 minutes on a trail near a river in Collinsville, CT. It was around 62 degrees outside with a bit of overcast. It was fairly windy outside, and the soil was very dry. I observed several geese in the river, and I heard several birds in the trees but I only saw one fly to the ground. Since the soil was very dry, it made it difficult to find insects but I found a few ladybugs and ants resting on leaves. Areas near the water would typically have more biodiversity, and this trail usually has many animals but I think the change in seasons was affecting the number of animals/insects that I saw. A few animals such as squirrels and chipmunks ran onto the trail, but it was difficult to get pictures because they were moving. I really enjoyed going for a walk while the weather was still nice outside, and seeing all the leaves change colors!

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October 16, 2022


I walked around Burlington, Connecticut for around an hour. The weather was around 65, but it was sunny outside. All of the trees started to change colors, and it was very relaxing to go for a walk. On my walk, I saw a wide variety of trees, plants, and flowers. There was a wide variety of flowering weeds (angiosperms) which I found interesting because usually they start to disappear by this time of year. I also saw a flowering plant with berries and it had a purple and red stem which I have never seen before. I also found a wide variety of mosses (bryophyta), and many of the mosses that I found were growing on rocks. One of the mosses that I found had a star-like shape which was really fascinating! The town I walked in is surrounded by nature so there was a wide variety of trees (gymnosperms), and I noticed a lot of pine and oak trees on my walk. Along with trees, I found a wide variety of ferns (polypodiopsida) growing, and they all had a bright green color when usually they look more dull with the cold weather. Overall I really enjoyed this walk, and I was surprised by the variety of nature that I saw.

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October 02, 2022


I walked around Cambridge and around Harvard's campus. I originally walked around Harvard Square and I didn't find any fungi, but I walked onto the campus and found a wide variety of fungi surrounding the trees. The weather was around 45 degrees, and it was very windy outside. I walked for at least 45 minutes and I noticed that I was only able to find mushrooms around trees that were moist, or with dark soil. After a while, I was able to know which trees would have fungi around them based on their appearance. I was surprised that each fungus that I saw was a different variety. I also found fungi growing inside the root of a tree which was interesting! On my walk, I saw two turkeys chasing students around campus and several birds hiding in trees. I didn't observe any insects on my walk, which could be due to the cold weather.

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September 25, 2022

Journal 1

I walked for over an hour on the trail near Hammond pond. It was fairly warm outside, but the soil was very dry so I didn’t observe many insects. The weather was very cold yesterday which could have been why there were fewer insects and animals outside. I noticed a significantly greater amount of flora than fauna on my walk. I also found that there was a wide variety of wildflowers surrounding the pond! There was a fair amount of birds such as geese and swans in the pond, and a few birds sitting in trees nearby. While on the trail, the only animal I saw was a chipmunk, and I was expecting to see a lot more wildlife while on my walk. I found it difficult to take pictures of the birds that I saw because they flew away as I walked past them. I noticed a wide variety of trees and variations of fungi while on the trail. As I was walking back from the trail to my dorm, I saw a mushroom which at least half a foot wide and it had a bright orange color. I really enjoyed this walk and exploring new scenery nearby!

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