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California Bonfire (Placida brookae)




December 18, 2015 01:55 AM PST


Sacoglossan Sea Slug. Maximum length 6 mm. Rhinophores cylindrical, enrolled,
black with posterior white stripes from base to half-way up,
leaving apices completely black. Oral tentacles
completely black; foot corners yellow. Head black with two
yellow-orange patches, eyespots at base of yellow-orange
patches. Lateral yellow-orange line on head connects
yellow-orange eye patches to dorsum. Body elongate,
with numerous cylindrical cerata covering most of the
dorsum. Proximal half of cerata yellow-orange, distal half
black. Foot yellow-orange ventrally from head to tail.
Posterior end of foot is pointed, black dorsally.
Radula of a 4 mm long specimen from Catalina Island,
California (CPIC 01962) composed of 7 teeth in ascending
row, 12 teeth in descending row, and 2–4 teeth in ascus. Leading tooth smooth, lacking denticles, with a cylindrical,
short, slightly curved, pointed cusp. Base of teeth
short, triangular, slightly concave ventrally.